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Naturally raised grass fed bison farmed in Campbellford, Ontario. We are a family farm interested in quality not quantity. It may take longer to raise a grass fed bison but the quality speaks for itself on your plate.

All of our bison is government inspected for retail sales. Vacuum sealed and frozen to ensure the highest quality.

Bison meat is not gamey tasting it is actually similar to beef but richer and sweeter tasting. Bison is a very healthy protein source. Very low in fat, calories and cholesterol but very high in iron. Bison is bright royal red colour prior to cooking. Please see chart below.

Because of the low fat content when cooking bison it means low and slow. Medium heat on a BBQ / stove top or 275 degrees in the oven. These methods ensure ultimate tenderness.

We can honour special requests for specific cuts prior to our butcher cutting and wrapping. Please contact us for your special order requirements. Special requests can include fresh bison meat at the time of processing but would have to be picked up immediately to ensure quality and freshness.

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